Version 2.2 of Enhanced Meta Widget is now released.

This version incorporates a couple of changes that were suggested by users.

The following is a summary of all changes/fixes:

  • Changed wording from site admin to dashboard in both the options and the links.
  • If display dashboard is selected, the link will appear for all logged-in users, not just admins. This allows non-admin users access to all settings for which they have permissions.
  • For admin, the link to the dashboard still appears at the top of all admin links. For non-admin logged-in users it appears just after my profile.
  • In the “Welcome, UserName” phrase, it is now an option to have the username link to the user profile.
  • Added Turkish (tr\_TR) language files

As usual, the widget can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository, or updated automatically via the WordPress admin panel.

I would appreciate it greatly if you would please take time to rate EMW.