Version 2.1 of Enhanced Meta Widget is now released.

(An incremental release, v2.0.1 was released earlier and added German (de_DE) and Danish (da_DK) language files and updated the Polish language files.)

This version cleans up the code, and corrects the XHTML to be as valid as possible.

The following is a summary of all changes/fixes:

  • Fixed situations where an empty sidebar would be displayed, showing only a title, depending on what options were chosen for display. The most common was if _show login form_ was selected by itself (perhaps to have just a “log in” section of the sidebar). If this was done then logged in users would see an empty sidebar with just a title. Further testing identified some additional, likely rare, situations where this could occur as well, so those were all fixed.
  • All html should now be XHTML 1.0 Transitional, unless login form is used with other links in certain situations (see below).
  • “Welcome, UserName” displays the username as set with “Display name publicly as” in the user profile.
  • Fixed coding error that would generate empty unordered lists if certain options were not selected, which is not valid XHTML. (Thanks Ian)
  • If W3C validation is important, do not use the login form with other options if your $before_widget variable uses id=”%1$s” in its tag (usually a div or li). This widget uses $before_widget, $before_title, $after_title, and $after_widget to display the login form to be identical to other sidebar widgets, and thus there will be two tags with the same id which is not valid XHTML. In order to use the login form and have it validate in this situation, add a second widget to your sidebar and select only the login form (or change your settings for $before_widget).

As usual, the widget can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository, or updated automatically via the WordPress admin panel.

I would appreciate it greatly if you would please take time to rate EMW.