Version 2.0 of Enhanced Meta Widget is now released.

I jumped to a new primary version number because I made a significant change to how the control panel is displayed. Gone are the “Display…” or “Show…” statements/questions, and they have been replaced with just a simple “Display:” header with all the options simply listed as options with checkboxes. This saves some real-estate, especially for languages in which the phrases are longer than English, plus it just makes more sense to me than repeating the same basic statement/question over and over.

The following is a summary of all changes/fixes:

  • Changed the format of the administration panel to a cleaner presentation as describe above.
  • Changed “UserName is logged in” to “Welcome, UserName” and moved to top, under the title.
  • “Welcome, UserName” displays the username as set with “Display name publicly as” in the user profile.
  • Added link to “my profile” for logged in users.
  • Updated log in and log out links to return to the current page/post.
  • Created option to have linebreaks or not. (I prefer to have breaks between some sections of links – user actions, admin actions, and the orignal meta links – but others prefer all links to be a list without breaks. So now “Line breaks between sections” is an option.
  • Added hook to allow other plugins to run actions just before the end of the login form – do_action(‘login_form’).
  • Corrected the order in which the options are presented on the admin page to reflect how they’re presented on the sidebar.
  • Added Polish (pl_PL), Danish (da_DK), and German (de_DE) language files.
  • Updated French (fr_FR) and Dutch (nl_NL) language files.
  • Found and translated another missed phrase. I think all phrases are now coded for i18n. If you find a phrase I have missed, please let me know.

As usual, the widget can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository, or updated automatically via the WordPress admin panel.

I would appreciate it greatly if you would please take time to rate EMW.