Version 1.7 of Enhanced Meta Widget is now released. No new features were added. The following changes/fixes were made.

  • I18n now works correctly.
  • All phrases have now been coded for I18n (I had missed a few the first go round).
  • Added option to display register link. Depends both on “anyone can register” in settings->general, and “show register link?” in this widget.
  • Changed directory structure to put language files in individual directories. Now the POT file is in the directory "lang" with all language files having their own directories below "lang". For example, the french(France) files are found in the wp-content/plugins/enahnced-meta-widget/lang/fr_FR directory.

Currently the only translation available is French (another big thanks to Daryan), but I’m hoping to have a few more translations soon; Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, German, and Danish are anticipated. If you would like to translate EMW to your language, please feel free to do so. All I ask is that you share the translation files to be included with the distribution.

As usual, the widget can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository, or updated automatically via the WordPress admin panel.